MORNING BRIEFING: Furloughs, football and Janet Yellen




Furloughed no longer, more than 500 civilians and National Guardsmen returned to work at Fairchild Air Force Base. (KXLY)

Ouch: Spokane Public Schools has to pay a local woman $130,000 for failing to fulfill a public records request. (S-R)

Spokane police have a sweet new ride: "The Mule." (S-R) 


Obama has decided to nominate Janet Yellen as the next chairman of the Federal Reserve System. She'll be its first female chair. (WaPo) 

A Salmonella outbreak has sickened 278 people in 18 states, forcing the CDC to bring back 30 furloughed employees to investigate. (Politico) In the meantime, don't eat Foster Farms chicken. (Oregonian)

Malala Yousafzai for President of the Universe. (CBC)


What did the NFL know, and when did they know it? ESPN journalists partnered with PBS Frontline to investigate the NFL's history of denying scientific evidence linking football to concussions. Watch the documentary here. (Frontline)

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