One hour until Google time


With Google sounding the trumpet for potential cities to apply to be the testing ground for Google's new 100-gig-a-second fiberoptic network, it's not surprising that Spokane residents are using the tools of social networking to fire off their pleas of "Pick us! Pick us!" We have a Facebook page. We have a YouTube video. And now comes the flash mob.

What's a flash mob?

With Facebook, Twitter, and blogs, it's a whole lot easier to get massive quantities of people together in a public place for, well, anything ranging from walking like a zombie to having a rave at a grocery store with carrots. When the appointed time is over, the crowd disperses and the squares not in the know are left scratching their heads.

The flash mob to persuade Spokane to pick Google amasses today at 5:30 pm in Riverfront Park. At 6 pm, the cameras and cell phones are whipped out and pictures begin to be taken to show those suits at Google exactly how bad Spokane is itching for high speed fiber. 

See you there.