While supplies last Techies, gadgeteers, and Apple fanboys await tomorrow's release of the iPad with the sort of anticipation normally reserved for your wedding night or the midnight showing of Phantom Menace. Unfortunately, the Spokesman-Review reports, hardly any iPads will be available at Spokane stores. 

Wind up You thought the windstorms were bad this week? They're about to get even worse, with gusts up to 45 miles an hour hitting today and tonight. Pity the poor out-of-shape biker who must cycle against such cruel headwinds.

Rebates for refrigerators A new program funded by the federal Department of Energy will begin giving $100 and $75 rebates to those Washingtonians who switch to new, more efficient home appliances.

The explosions of Gaza Stimulus: Twenty rockets and mortars were fired into Israel from Gaza last month. Response: Israel retaliates with four air strikes against what the military says were weapons manufacturing centers.

Too big for your breaches? The Army Corp of Engineers recently released a plan for how to eventually create a plan to possibly breach the four dams on the lower Snake river. Upgrading to a full study, the Corps said, would require some sort of key event, like a massive decline in salmon population.