Harley D. Brown - Idaho's man of renown

We don't often hear of fringe candidates — not even in a fringe-heavy state like Idaho. But for a guy who's pretty lucky to get more than two percent of the vote in any election, Harley D. Brown is having a big day.

A friend who works for A Major News Organization in Salt Lake City sent me an e-mail this morning titled "What's Not To Love About Idaho" featuring Brown's camo-themed campaign poster in his run to unseat Walt Minnick for the 1st District Congressional seat. Check it out here. You gotta love his campaign slogan "Nuke Their Ass, Take Their Gas."

The snarky DC gossip blog, Wonkette, also caught wind of Harley D. Brown today, calling him a cartoon villian. Then Talking Points Memo celebrated Brown as DC needs "Someone Crazy Like Me ..."

So you are just a month away from the primary, Idaho voters. Time to ask yourself, "What can Brown do for me?