Kaylee Cole to perform Arcade Fire at Sasquatch


Maybe you're on the fence about Sasquatch. Given that the eighth indie-music-lovefest sold out in record time this year, you're probably going to have to buy from a scalper or off Craigslist at this point, right? You'd have to really love the bands to go. If a Spokane band was playing...

Well, we just got word from Kaylee Cole (who was calling from her cell phone as she walked down Division — we didn't ask what the heck she was doing) that she'll be performing alongside the Seattle Rock Orchestra on Monday, May 31 on the Bigfoot Stage. The SRO is an all-volunteer ensemble that produces one-off symphonic rock shows.

Cole will join the SRO as they perform their version of Arcade Fire's album Funeral — specifically providing vocals for "Rebellion (Lies)." They'll perform more than just Funeral she says; she'll also sing on "No Cars Go" from Neon Bible.

"Arcade Fire is one of my favorite bands," she says. "In fact, the only time I've ever been to the Gorge was to see Arcade Fire at Sasquatch three years ago. I only went for one day just to see them play."

"I told my friends 'someday I'm going to play Sasquatch,'" she says. "So I think it's ironic that the first time I'm playing it I'm playing Arcade Fire songs."