I can see a few hours into the future, and that's what it looks like. (Except the Knitting Factory doesn't allow pyrotechics. But still, I envision AWESOMENESS.)

Be there tonight at 7 pm, when doors open for Volume! We've given away a crapload of tickets, but the thing is free and you don't need a ticket if you want to get in. Just show up and we'll let people in until the place is full. Bring all your friends. Wear your gorilla costume. Or dress like a ho. Really, just come on over and have fun. 

All five Bands to Watch will play (Matthew Winters, Space Opera 77, Jaeda, Ze Krau, FAUS) and Koreshakti, Pasties & Paddles and the PJAMRs will all give special performances.

We'll see you at the show! Woo!