Bands in Vans: FAUS checks in



Anthony Perez, guitarist in FAUS (a Colville-bred hardcore outfit and one of this year's Inlander Bands to Watch) checked in from their three week West Coast tour to let us know how it was going for them. He sent it over text (which explains the brevity) from a Wal-Mart parking lot outside of Monterey, Calif.: 

"Everybodys getting sick haha. But tour is the greatest time of our lives. Even the bad times. We have a really cool group of people with us other than the band. The shows haven't been too huge, but the kids that do show up and hear us are totally stoked. We have heard that we have 'it.' We also have gotten 'you guys remind me of The Chariot.' [A Georgia mathcore band] It is pretty cool to hear that, but my favorite is 'you guys are like a hardcore Pink Floyd acid rock.' Haha. We are only a week into it but morale is still high and this is the time of our lives."