MORNING HEADLINES: The Olympian suggestion box


DIY government Someday, we will chart the course of our country in the same way we rank the comparative hilarity of cat videos. This is a step in that direction, as Washington State has set up a website where citizens can post budgetary ideas and then vote them up or down, Digg style. (Let's see if our money-making idea, "Put on a talent show at the ol' rec center," gets accepted.) (SR)

And he was only one day from retirement... In the next five years, a full third of the Washington State Patrol becomes eligible for retirement. Just in case they're getting too old for this shit. (KREM)

Recession receding For the first time in three years, the number of Washington State job openings has increased. (KHQ)

Please take a moment of silence to grieve Poor, poor Goldman Sachs. Thanks to scandal and financial settlements, their share price is the lowest since the depths of the financial crisis. (NYT)