Morning Headlines: Goats to the rescue


Yet another problem solved by goats It's not just Riverfront using a hungry goat to clean up the park. Hayburn State Park has rented a battalion of 540 goats to gobble up its knapweed infestation. (SR)

Getchyer popcorn here! Avista Stadium's concession stands are getting a revamp, after over 50 years of serving hot dogs in what was originally designed to be an office space. (KREM)

Un-gentrification A housing project on the South Hill is awash in controversy, with neighbors worried it will turn into low-income housing. (KHQ)

Who gives to the giver? Sometimes it takes a charity to help a charity. The United Way of Kootenai County has distributed  $160,000 worth of grants to Couer d'Alene businesses, a lifesaver for cash-strapped organizations like Idaho Drug Free Youth. (CdA Press)

How do you solve a problem like Korea? After North Korea apparently sank a South Korean warship, the United States has exacted even deeper economic sanctions against the self-isolated regime.(NYT)