Spokane toy designer previews new Qee


We heard that the Boo Radley's crew was down sniffing around the epic, three-day San Diego Comic-Con for cool new stuff, but we didn't know that Spokane toy designer Jim Koch would be down there previewing new toys. And, boy, were the toy blogs atwitter with the news.

Koch — known for his evil clowns, rockabilly style and grease monkey-inspired designs — hit up the Con for a day (avoiding exhibition hall stabbings) to be on-hand with Toy2R when they unveiled his a prototype of his new Qee design for the geeks to drool over. He's one of eight designers customizing Qees for Toy2R's new Skelanimals Artist Collection Series — and certainly the most high-profile of the bunch. The series will go on sale soon, Koch says, on the Toy2R website.

If Qee, Toy2R and vinyl are words that are totally foreign to you, check out the story we wrote on Koch and the vinyl community in Spokane last summer here