First Bavaria, now Spokane: OKTOBERFEST


So, beside southeastern Germany and maybe a couple (hundred thousand) other places, Spokane is first in Oktoberfests! (Take that Leavenworth!)

More important than the name, though, are the location, dates, times, prices and breweries attending, so let's get to that:

Riverfront Park

Sept. 24        4 pm-8 pm  

Sept. 25        Noon-8 pm

Sept. 26        Noon-6 pm

Eastern Washington: Northern Lights, CI Shenanigans, Iron Horse, Riverport, Paradise Creek, Palouse Falls, Laht Neppur, Rocky Coulee, Alpine

Western Washington: Georgetown, Elysian, Snoqualmie, Elliott Bay, Fremont, Pike, Schooner Exact

We're stoked. The Washington Beer Commission seems to have thrown some weight behind this first year event. The well-designed logo alone makes us want to over-imbibe. Just kidding. Stay in School.

It's $20 in advance or $25 at the door. You get a tasting cup and six sample tastes. Check out for — not much at the moment, but we're sure they'll update soon.