MORNING HEADLINES: Guns, bombs, and water


I swear I set down my 200 guns right here... A Kootenai County woman reported that 200 of the guns she owns — including a $50,000 Springfield M1 rifle — have been stolen. (Maybe if she had a gun, the typical internet commenter opines, this never would have happened.) (SR)

Dear City Hall: Here's the cornstarch you ordered Turns out that suspicious white powder that resulted in the public being barred from a City Council meeting was just cornstarch. Regular, harmless found-in-the-mail-packaging cornstarch. (Seattle Times)

Leader of the packs Idaho wants to take the lead from the federal government when it comes to deciding the fate of the wolves within their borders. The Fish and Game commission is aiming for a hunting season to begin this fall. (KHQ)

Boiling mad You think your landlord's bad? Residents of a Post Falls trailer park are infuriated that they've been under orders to boil their water for months now. One resident says she's had to buy bottled water for a year and a half. (KXLY)

Remnants of the bad old days A suicide attack in an Iraqi army recruiting station has left 48 dead and 129 wounded. (NYT)