Dude! It's Fair week!


It's fair week! And you're either super jazzed about that or just planning on avoiding that little slice of Spokane altogether.

Carnies and escaped mental hospital patients aside, (well, no one has escaped this year, YET), the Spokane County Interstate Fair has booked some serious music this year — starting tonight with the Clint Black show.

Clint Black has built a successful, award winning career on two things. First, he became known early in his career as a hat act — like Garth Brooks or Alan Jackson: a singer who wore a hat (duh) and spiced up a traditional country vibe with a pop-friendly sound. And second: For years, he was one of only a handful of Nashville artists to write the songs that went on his records. There was no Tommy Sweet to his Bad Blake — just Clint, all by his lonesome.

Black plays the Fair tonight at 7 pm. Tickets range from $10 - $25. Gotta be 21. Here's a video of him singin' with his ladyfriend.

Tomorrow, you can check out Bobby Vee! Hopefully in these awesome shorts!

Wednesday, catch ABBA the Musical! I couldn't find any videos of it, but I did find this video mash-up of Cats and ABBA songs, soooo…

Thursday! Collective Soul! I didn't even know they were still around!