MORNING HEADLINES: Living with cats and living with Cougars


The roar of a thousand meows County officials removed 30 cats from a Spokane Valley home. It smelled, as you might expect, awful. (ST)

Seventeenth Amendment rights Governor Butch Otter now supports the Constitution. At least, he has now spoken up in support of the 17th Amendment, which allows direct election of senators. Previously, he had been harshly critical of the 17th Amendment — an amendment despised by certain tea party activists. (SR)

Hotel Washington State just doesn't have the Eagles ring to it After the construction of a new dorm, Washington State University has converted Gannon Hall into a hotel. Already, they've sold out for parents weekend and the Apple Cup game. (KREM)

Recession's consequence According to the census bureau, four million more people lived in poverty in 2009 than in 2008. (NYT)