Spokane County results are in

Spokane County has released its batch of votes for the night. So far, they've counted over 65,000 ballots, with 110,000 remaining. Here are the highlights so far:  


* Spokane County so far has voted for Dino Rossi over Patty Murray, by a count of 57 percent to 43 percent.

* The county has favored Cathy McMorris Rodgers to Daryl Romeyn by a margin of 20 points.


* In the race for state representative in Spokane's District 3, Democrats are leading -- with Andy Billig leading Dave White 60-40 and Timm Ormsby leading young challenger Morgan Oyler by a slightly larger margin.

* It's a different story in the 6th District, where Republican Michael Baumgartner leads state Sen. Chris Marr 60-40, and former Republican state senator John Ahern is leading John Driscoll, the Democrat to whom he ceded his seat in the last election, by about 22 points. 


* In the race for Spokane County Commissioner, Al French leads Bonnie Mager by a slim margin so far -- 51.71 to 48.29.

* Vicki Horton is leading her boss, Ralph Baker, in the race for Spokane County Assessor, 57-43.

* Controversial Spokane County Prosecutor Steve Tucker is leading his challenger so far, leading Frank Malone 54-46.


Prop 1: Authorizing the creation of a Children's Investment Fund to combat dropout rates

Yes: 35%
No: 65%

STATE MEASURES (by percentage)

I-1053: Tim Eyman's effort to make it harder for state government to raise taxes
Washington: Yes 65 - No 35
Spokane County: Yes 72 - No 28

I-1082: Allowing private workers compensation insurance
Washington: Yes 42 - No 58
Spokane County:Yes 43 - No 57

I-1098: Levying an income tax on high earners
Washington: Yes 35 - No 65
Spokane County: Yes 29 - No 71

I-1100: Privatizing the alcohol business
Washington: Yes 48 - No 52
Spokane County: Yes 42 - No 58

I-1107: Privatizing the liquor business
Washington: Yes 37 - No 63
Spokane County: Yes 32 - No 68

I-1107: Repealing taxes on soda, candy, etc.
Washington: Yes 62 - No 38
Spokane County: Yes 72 - No 23

R-52: Authorizing bonds for energy-efficient school construction projects
Washington: Yes 44 - No 56
Spokane County: Yes 38 - No 62

SJR 8225: Recalculating state debt
Washington: Yes 51 - No 49
Spokane County: Yes 46 - No 54

ESHJR 4220: Denying bail for felons
Washington: Yes 86 - No 14
Spokane County: Yes 86 - No 14