The shape of Spokane punk to come


Though it's a bummer time in the Spokane music scene right now with the recent closure of the Seaside and the announcement that Empyrean will close next week, one venue continues to keep rocking. 

The Cretin Hop, an all-ages punk rock venue that operated for the last few years in an iffy neighborhood just south of North Central High School, closed its doors in mid-December. Owner Tom "TC" Chavez told Bloglander that he was closing down to move into a nicer location. 

We got word this morning from Chavez on the new location: He'll re-open the venue soon in the space at 706 North Monroe. That space has almost as much history as the B-Side/Seaside space downtown — the new location was occupied by the Mercury Cafe (later the Merq) through the 2000s, and as Espresso Delicioso (a hub of all things art and music) in the '90s. 

Also, Chavez clarified that the new venue will simply be called "The Hop." 

Watch Bloglander next week for more news on when the Hop will re-open.