MORNING HEADLINES: Violence in Egypt and Megaloads on the Road


Housing Bust — Even lakefront houses in Coeur d'Alene are showing signs of the recession.  Real estate agents say some properties have dropped in price up to 35 percent with many new properties up for sale. (KXLY)  

Violence in Egypt — Mubarak says he won't run in September elections but pro-democracy still want to him to step down immediately.  Pro-Mubarak groups were bussed in Tahir Square on Tuesday and the demonstrations gave way to some violence.  Stones and other small things were thrown, resulting in injuries. (Washington Post)

Unleash the Megaload — Environmentalists fears are finally coming true on U.S. Highway 12.  The first truck carrying a 300-ton coke drum bound for Billings left Tuesday night.  This is the first of four truckloads supposed to take the route in the next three months. (SR)