THIS JUST OUT: Justin Bieber is the king of all media edition



Blue Valentine
Parallel narrative about how two people fell in love and how their marriage blew apart. Tragically sad and beautiful. Rated R

The Illusionist
A meditation on fading dreams from the director of Triplets of Belleville. Rated PG

No Strings Attached
Ashton and Portman bump uglies until feelings happen. Rated R

Justin Bieber: Never Say Never 
So, that happened. Rated G 


Hot Sauce Committee, pt. 2 | Beastie Boys 
Before we get started: there is no Hot Sauce Committee, pt 1. Wanted to make that clear, in case you Beastieheads thought you might have missed a release. The Beastie's best album so far (Paul's Boutique) was an unbelievably strange departure from late-80s hip-hop everyone was used to at the time. No one knew how to deal. Critics were luke-warm, people didn't buy it. Then, magically, it changed hip-hop forever, and is now routinely included on Best [number] Albums of All Time!!!!!!! lists. The point? Critics — raving this time — are saying HSC,pt2 is as weird/awesome as Paul's Boutique. This dropped last week and, despite good albums from Okkervil River, The Antlers and Wild Beasts, this remains the story.

Also out: 

I Am Very Far | Okkervil River
Move Like This | The Cars
Eye Contact | Gang Gang Dance
Burst Apart | The Antlers
Smother | Wild Beasts 


Brink | Xbox

Okay, so the world is dying (or dead, or something) and some of the world's survivors have created a massive ship called the Ark (totally biting Noah's steez) that you have to destroy or capture or something. This first-person-shooter promised to have RPG elements like Fallout and Borderlands, team-based tactics like Battlefield, class-based cooperation like Team Fortress and just some amazing FPS action. Super-duper ambitious. Critical consensus, though, seems to fall in the spectrum between "nice try, guys," and "absolute clusterf---." 

Also out:

Virtua Tennis 4 | PS3, XBox, Wii
Lego Pirates of the Caribbean | PS3, XBox, Wii, PSP, DS