MORNING HEADLINES: It's a bad economy when ... your job's in a want ad and NASA's using child labor

Turmoil in the court — Top federal defender in Spokane is sued by former colleagues that he fired. And his job is being advertised. (SR)

Houston, is this a problem? — Spokane middle school kids are making parts for NASA. (KREM)

First quarter report: anemic — No, not the economy. This is really important: We are talking about the Mariners. Sigh. (Crosscut)

Street party in Moscow — City council votes to throw down a megaload welcome mat when 66 big rigs roll through town. (Blog post, SR)

Planting the seeds of destruction — Someone should alert the melon-mashing comedian Gallagher that Chinese farmers are plagued by exploding watermelons. (BBC)

Bonus video: Black Gallagher! — Comedian Dave Chapelle shows there's more than one way to whack a watermelon.