KICKSTARTER: Teen Zombie Puppets on Drugs (maybe)


So Spokane has a new kickstarter project, and it involves puppets. 

Felt High is envisioned as a 14-episode satirical web video series, created by Adam Boyd and Juan Mas from Purple Crayon Productions, along with an assist from indie filmmaker Aaron Fink (auteur behind this patently ridicu-larious Black Swan satire). 

So anyway: Imagine Sesame Street in high school as written by the creators of Gossip Girl, but without the life lessons or the Lanvin wardrobe budget. They need your money to make it happen. $40,000 worth. Making a green-screen web series with real felt and fake cafeterias isn't cheap, jerk.

The producers promise nothing of redeeming social value (at least not from the kid who grows poppies to make heroin), and we can get behind that.