Spokane City Council to consider budgets and public urination tonight


Mayor Mary Verner will present her proposed 2012 budget to the Spokane City Council tonight.

The Council will then have until the end of the year to work out a final budget proposal and will hold hearings on Mondays through November, according to a statement from the city.

In other business, the Council will consider whether to use money from a city reserve to fix drainage issues at the Indian Canyon driving range and replace a cart at Downriver Golf Course.

They will also vote on an ordinance raising garbage rates in the new year.

Two ordinances dealing with public urination will have their first reading: one that removes the crime from under the umbrella of the lewd-conduct statute, and a second that creates a new section in the municipal code that makes public urination a misdemeanor.

The provision argues that relieving oneself in public is not a sexual act, and therefore it is not appropriate for it to be dealt with under the lewd-conduct statute.

Another ordinance on first reading will align the city's drug paraphernalia statute with state law.

The meeting, in City Council chambers, begins tonight at 6:30 p.m., a half-hour later than usual.