MORNING HEADLINES: Newt, Zuckerberg, and other funny-sounding names


Local News

The lost boys -- Snowmobiles that get lost, like in sprawling Shoshone county, cost Idaho taxpayers thousands of dollars. Also, they get lost with the chance of dying, probably an issue of greater concern at the time. (SR)

For whom same-sex partners the bell tolls -- The Washington Senate prepares to legalize gay marriage in Washington. Men attracted to other men have always been able to get married in this state, but soon they can to each other. (KREM)

News of the World

Remember Newt's comeback? Ten days ago, it's now a distant memory, with Mitt Romney thoroughly shellacking Mr. Gingrich. (NYT)

Zuckerberg makes some money -- Facebook finally makes its initial public offering. But be warned: stocks can change suddenly, for no reason, and just when you got used to the old change. (Atlantic Wire)