CITY HALL EYEBALL: Low marks for state's retiree health care funding



A new study out today measuring state government pension funding fiascos ranks Washington state somewhere in the poor-to-middling range — though no state really passes with flying colors.

The study, by the Pew Center on the States ranks states based on what they've promised to pay into the funds versus how much money they've actually committed. The report — find the full one here and the Washington particulars here — says that there are "serious concerns" about the state's retiree health care funding. The other category is the state's employee pension funding, which the study ranks as "needs improvement." 

Our lovely neighbors to the east fared better. Idaho's retiree health care funding was deemed a "solid performer," the highest of the study's three rankings. And the Gem State's pension plan earned the middle grade, "needs improvement." See the Idaho stats here.  

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