MORNING BRIEFING: More attacks, More Hotels, and facebook-shaming tortoise thieves.


Around Here

Spokane Facilities District and Walt Worthy plan on adding 700 new hotel rooms, when current hotel occupancy sits at 61 percent. What could go wrong? (Bloglander)

Someone got a little shooty at the Days Inn downtown last night. One dead. (S-R) 

Spokane is fourth in the nation for auto thefts. Again. (KXLY)

U-Idaho student falls off fraternity roof, lands on concrete. In serious condition. (KHQ)

On Whidbey Island, Facebook-shaming tortoise thieves. (KREM)  

Out There

Mohammed movie turmoil spreads to Yemen. (NYT)

The killings in Libya might have been less about a movie and more about a far-right power grab (New Yorker)

Regardless, the big problem may end up being Egypt after all. (NYT) 

Striking Chicago teachers are getting close to going back to school (WaPo) 

If Elizabeth Warren loses in Massachusetts, it'll be because Scott Brown is looking more like a Democrat every day. (WSJ)

Mark Zuckerberg doesn't have to take your advice about Facebook. (Slate)

And, oh yeah, we got a new iPhone yesterday (WaPo)