POLL: same-sex marriage fight too close to call


A poll released today by Seattle-based Elway Research shows at least half of Washington voters plan to vote for Referendum 74, legalizing same-sex marriage in the state. But Preserve Marriage Washington, the group fighting the referendum, is still spinning that news their way.

"Our opponents have had the airwaves to themselves for weeks, but they have failed to close the deal," the campaign's manager, Frank Schubert, says in a press release. "Soon voters will start to hear the other side of the debate, and we expect support for Referendum 74 to collapse."

Indeed, a poll sponsored by Survey USA and KING-TV in Seattle in July also found 50 percent of voters in support of the referendum, meaning marriage-equality proponents haven't seen a boost. And pollster Stuart Elway says referendums polling below 60 percent during the summer are likely to lose in the fall (more on that here and here).

But the group behind R74, Washington United for Marriage, has about $2.25 million (of a total $7.5 million raised) left in the bank, and they're using it.

They launched a new ad campaign last week. Here's their latest spot: