Neurosis teases new album on NPR



There are few bands that last 20 years and 10 albums, but Neurosis — the transcendent, introverted woodsman of the metal genre — have. And they've done it by being true soul seekers. Across their years, Neurosis has never been sloppy or aggressive in a macho way. That's not to say that they're not completely pissed; they are — it's just more in a heady, angry-with-the-gods kind of way. The band, fronted by North Idaho label man Steve Von Till, releases its 10th album — Honor Found In Decay — at the end of October, and gave a little preview to NPR's All Songs Considered blog today. Stream one song — called "At The Well" — here. Watch for The Inlander's coverage of the album in the next month.

And get excited by watching my favorite Neurosis video EVER — a clip of "Locust Star" from Ozzfest, way back when. Also: best Cookie Monster metal moment ever.