MORNING BRIEFING: Spendy garbage, smart gun ownership, creepy chemistry guy



Get ready to pay more for your trash bill, Spokane Valley. (SR)

Jared and Heather Martin, a West Central couple, advocate for smart gun ownership after chasing a burglary suspect down yesterday. “I don’t think burglary necessitates shooting,” Jared says, though he was carrying a weapon.

An LC teacher is cleared in a Deer Park murder case. (KXLY)

A WSU chemistry student admits to trying to poison his wife. (KHQ)


Marriage will no longer be a defense against rape in Washington state. (KREM)

Cops in Seattle used flash bangs and pepper spray on May Day protestors yesterday. (KHQ)

More than a quarter million people died in a Somalian famine between 2010 and 2012 … because the world was too slow to help. (CNN)

There ain't no competition for YouTube. (SR)


How does this guy even have any fingers left?