Phones on the fritz at Inlander HQ


We’re having some issues with our phones.

At the end of last week, a leak in a men’s bathroom upstairs flooded our electrical panel and phone lines. The problems with our phones are persisting today, which is not exactly the greatest if you’re trying to produce a newspaper on deadline. But hey, at least there wasn’t an electrical fire. And at least we all have cell phones and email.

On Friday, our phones were ringing but we couldn’t make calls out. Today it seems like the opposite, with only a fraction of incoming calls going through. If you’re trying to call anyone at The Inlander today: either keep dialing, call our cell numbers or just send us an email so we can call back.

A note to our sources: Yes, you could totally blow off our messages today and then blame it on the phones and we would probably have to believe you. But we trust you won’t do that, right?