MORNING BRIEFING: LGBT protections in CdA and a building collapse in Philadelphia



Amid hostile community uproar over the issue, the Coeur d'Alene City Council passed an anti-discrimination ordinance last night, preventing employment or housing discrimination against LGBT people. (CdA Press)

That Nine Mile Falls homicide scene yesterday turned into a hazmat scene when police found a woman's body in a tub of toxic chemicals. (SR)

A jury found Clay Starbuck guilty of killing his ex-wife and sexually violating her remains. (KXLY) 


As many as 10 people are trapped inside a building that collapsed this morning in Philadelphia. (CNN) 

French and British officials say sarin gas has been used in Syria, where President Obama has been hesitant to intervene but has called chemical weapons a "red line." (AP) 

The president's national security adviser is resigning and will be replaced by Susan Rice, the American ambassador to the UN. (NYT) 

The court-martial of Bradley Manning, who is suspected of leaking secret documents to WikiLeaks, is underway. (WaPo)