MORNING BRIEFING: Tough questions, moral dilemmas



Is the freedom of an Idaho soldier worth the freedom of five Guantanamo prisoners? (KREM)

The soon-to-be-installed parking meters see all, know all. Feed them, or suffer. (SR)

How many rabid bats are too many rabid bats?

Matthew Buquet learns an important lesson about how maybe it’s a bad idea to threaten to kill the President of the United States and send him a letter filled with biological poison. (KXLY)


Life Imitates The Fourth Season of Arrested Development: A deal which may save the immigration bill has been made, but it comes with a 700-mile difficult-to-climb catch. (NYT)

The new X-Box One, beaten so badly by the withering criticism over the online-required, no used games requirements, ends up dramatically backpedaling. (Kotaku)

The leader of the heavily criticized Exodus International, a Christian ministry that offered therapy to change a person’s sexual orientation, apologizes profusely, announces the ministry will shut down. (The Atlantic)

Cut to Black

Tony Soprano is dead. (Vulture)