'Proof design is sexy': What on Earth is in that building?




Several weeks ago, Inlander staffers and other observers noticed some interesting construction beginning at a building sandwiched between the Blue Spark and the vacant Ridpath windows on First Avenue. The facade was painted a dark gray, new windows were installed on the upper level and a bold message — “proof design is sexy” — was painted at ground level.

Huh? What is this place?

It had to be some sort of design company, and indeed it is. The Hissong+Hurtado Design Group, better known as HDG, is moving later this summer from its current headquarters across the street at 107 S. Howard. The firm is known for its architectural design work for spaces like Spokane’s Fire Artisan Pizza and Revel 77.

When we called to confirm today, we heard that the text on the building will change every few months or so, as will the accent color around the windows.

Here’s what the storefront looked like in August 2011, according to Google Street View, when the upstairs was home to technology co-op Squeaky Feat Collaborative: