MORNING BRIEFING: The ol' I'm-gunna-kill-a-federal-judge joke



St. Patrick’s Catholic school has closed, at least for now. (SR)

Yes, there have been a lot of downtown closures. But here are five things to be happy about. (Inlander)

In Washington state, 23 caregivers were hired to work with the developmentally disabled, despite failing background checks. (AP)

In retrospect, maybe the joke about bombing the courthouse and killing a federal judge wasn’t that funny. (SR)

Constitutionally required increases in funding to education in Washington may be delayed. (KREM)


Finally ending the curious inversion of the Tom Hanks movie The Terminal, NSA leaker  Edward Snowden has left the Moscow airport, being granted temporary asylum in Russia. If he wants to give us a call, we have suggestions for a Moscow restaurant with some absolutely killer beef stroganoff. (The Guardian)

Students transferring away from failing schools in Missouri have inflamed racial tensions. (NYT)

Tired of stories regarding bad news about the economy? Well, here’s another one. (The Atlantic Wire)

Camp Jail

In an experimental program in Maryland, prisoners get to spend one week at summer camp with their children.