MORNING BRIEFING: Oxygen deprivation, JonBenet and new pet food rules



The county medical examiner says the man who died outside an Oz Fitness earlier this year after a confrontation with police (in which they put him in a choke hold) died from oxygen deprivation. (SR)

Former Idaho House Speaker Lawerence Denney will run for secretary of state. (CdA Press)

The sheriff's office blames distracted driving and pedestrians crossing streets outside of crosswalks for increased car vs. pedestrian accidents. (KXLY)


DNA tests show the "mystery girl" found in a Roma camp in central Greece is the child of two people police say may have sold her. (BBC)

Newly released documents in the JonBenet Ramsey case show that a grand jury voted to indict Ramsey's parents before a district attorney said there was insufficient evidence. (CNN)

Amid nearly 600 dog deaths the agency suspects may be linked to treats imported from China, the FDA is considering new rules for animal food. (WaPo)