MORNING BRIEFING: Street racing, Obamacare and more NSA surveillance



After a local high school teacher was arrested for allegedly sexually abusing a child, Coeur d'Alene schools are reevaluating their hiring process. (CdA Press)

Police say street racing led to a three-car crash in north Spokane last night. (KXLY)

Columnist Shawn Vestal writes that the rescue of a man threatening to jump off the Monroe Street Bridge this week shows the success of the police department's crisis intervention training. (SR)

Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich and his wife were taken to the hospital after being rear-ended last night. (KREM)


The Supreme Court of Canada has struck down the nation's laws related to prostitution (which banned brothels and living off money made in prostitution) and the country will now have a year to craft new legislation. (BBC)

Planning to travel for the holiday? Good luck. Freezing rain and snow — plus potential tornados — are expected. (AP)

Days before the deadline to sign up for insurance plans, the Obama administration is relaxing the mandate that nearly all Americans get health care. (WaPo)

More emerges about just who's been a victim of NSA spying. This time: aid groups, allies and the "business elite." (NYT)