Columnist says Seattle is “San Francisco’s Spokane”


Today, Seattle Times columnist Danny Westneat wrote about whether the Seahawks can help cure Seattle’s longstanding inferiority complex with San Francisco.

For more than a hundred years Seattle has played stray dog to San Francisco’s alpha. I don’t mean just in sports, though it tracks there, too. It goes back to our founding, when Bay Area ships dumped tons of dirt into our harbor from San Francisco’s regrading projects, while picking up lumber from Henry Yesler’s mill to build their fancy Victorians.

So in a way we got our start as San Francisco’s dump. We are to them as Tacoma is to us. OK, that’s too extreme. How about this: We are San Francisco’s Spokane.

Hey. Ouch. We cheer for the Seahawks, too, you know. The column isn’t really about us, but you can read the rest of it here.