With Everett winning the wing, Boeing battle comes to an end (for now)


The 777x plane, with first expected delivery in 2020. - BOEING
  • Boeing
  • The 777x plane, with first expected delivery in 2020.

When the Boeing finally came to an agreement with the machinists union on Jan. 4, Washington won the right to construct the new 777x plane. All that was left to work out was the details. One such detail: where the unique high-tech wing would be built. There was some idle hope that the Spokane might be a possible location to build the wing, but that was always a bit of a long shot.

Instead, Boeing’s decided to stick with its first love: Everett. It’s always made sense to construct the largest wing Boeing has ever built close to its final assembly plant. (Fun trivia fact: The Boeing plant in Everett is the largest building in the world by volume.)

The Seattle Times reports it’ll mean knocking down some existing Boeing buildings on the site to make room, but just the wing facility will bring Snohomish County 2,760 new jobs.

We covered what the 777x means for Spokane and the Inland Northwest in-depth here.