MORNING BRIEFING: Balkans flooding, Torchlight Parade pics, friendly Tibetan yaks



Apparently 1,140-pound Tibetan yaks can make great pets. (S-R)

Gear up for tomorrow’s Idaho primaries with Republican crossovers spicing the ballot up. (CdAP)

Photos from Saturday’s Spokane Lilac Festival Armed Forces Torchlight Parade right here. (Inlander)


Catastrophic flooding and mudslides displaced thousands of Bosnians and Serbians from their homes this weekend. (WaPo)

The Department of Justice has accused the Chinese Army of cyberspying on American companies. (NYT)

For people who aren’t fond of options, AT&T and DirecTV have struck a nearly $50 billion deal. This means that Comcast and AT&T would own more than half of the pay TV market. (CNN)


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