MORNING BRIEFING: Speeding cops and more troops to Iraq



A Spokane Police lieutenant will be internally investigated after being cited in March by the Washington State Patrol for reckless driving. The officer allegedly was racing on the freeway in his private Corvette. (SR)

Coeur d'Alene has a new police chief and substation. (KXLY)

Also in Coeur d'Alene, the city council passed its budget for the new fiscal year beginning Oct. 1 and voted to keep the city's ban on firearms during parades. (CdA Press)

The Spokane Symphony Board and its musicians have signed a new contract with pay raises for the musicians, who voted to strike in 2012 because of pay cuts. (SR)

With the change of the seasons, Spokane Parks is closing restrooms and drawing down pond levels. (Bloglander)


A video showing the beheading of a second American journalist by the terrorist group ISIS has been authenticated and President Obama has since made his first statement on the video, vowing, "We will not be intimidated." Read more about the stories Steven Sotloff told here. (NYT/The Atlantic)

Meanwhile, the U.S. has sent 350 more troops to protect the Baghdad embassy. (The Guardian)

Federal prosecutors are investigating the death of a man in the back of a Louisiana police car. His death was first ruled a suicide even though he was handcuffed and shot in the chest. (Reuters)

CVS stores stop selling tobacco products today. (USA Today)

In hopes of stemming the spread of the Ebola epidemic, some West African countries are checking passengers' temperatures before letting them board planes. (WaPo)