It's Spokane vs. Wilmington, N.C., for Best American Riverfront — vote now!


  • Matt Weigand
All right people, we're down to the last few days of voting in USA Today's poll of "Best American Riverfront" cities. You have until Monday, Oct. 20, to vote as often as possible to get Spokane in the winner's circle. 

As of today, Spokane sits in second place behind Wilmington, N.C. That ain't right. For one thing, Wilmington is more of a coastal city than a river city. And the river in question? The Cape Fear River! Come on, that's scary stuff! Did you see the movie? Does this look like a place you'd want to visit? 

The good news is Spokane is way ahead of the likes of Portland, San Antonio and Nashville. But it's going to take a flurry of voting action over the weekend to get to the No. 1 spot. You can vote right here every 10 hours or so, so get on it! Tell your friends and neighbors. Consider it a warmup for the real elections coming up Nov. 4. 

Vote! It's your civic duty.