WHAT'S UP TODAY? Open mics for comics and poets, and DIY DJ action



It's humpday, people, so we'll just go ahead and assume the weekend starts now, at least for some of us. A lot of opportunities to get out and about reside in our massive catalog of event listings and Staff Picks. But in case you don't have the time or the energy, we found a few choice selections for your consideration. 

Here's what I found appealing for Wednesday, Oct. 22 — a whole lot of "make your own fun" opportunities: 

WORDS | Poets of the world, unite! At Neato Burrito, where tonight wordsmiths of all ages join up for Broken Mic, Spokane Poetry Slam's long-running, open-mic reading series. 

COMEDY | If waxing hilarious rather than poetic is more your thing, you might want to hit the open-mic comedy jam at Brooklyn Deli & Lounge tonight. (21+ only.)

MUSIC | Perhaps you'd rather let your fingers do the talking, spinning some tunes from your stellar vinyl collection. The Lantern Tap House has you covered with Open Turntables Night with DJ Lydell.

FARMERS MARKET | It's the final day of the summer-long Pullman Farmers Market, so get there while the getting's good starting at 3:30 pm. Maybe there will be some screaming deals.