Some good brass, local film debut and a modern classic


Every day on our site, you can find a huge number of events happening in the area, as well as Staff Picks to help guide you to the best of the best. 

If that's still too much scrolling for you, we can help. Here are some highlights for Tuesday, Dec. 23: 

MUSIC EVENTS & CONCERTS | Looking for a wee twist on the same ol' Christmas songs delivered the same ol' ways? This show could be for you—Clarion Brass: This Is What Christmas Sounds Like promises "quirky" takes on the tunes from Spokane's brass badasses. 

FILM | The Magic Lantern is hosting the premiere of Manhandlers, made entirely with local actors by Spokane filmmaker Adam J. Pitzler. 

FILM | It's Totally Tubular Tuesday again at The Garland, and this week the theater is showing the modern classic A Christmas Story. Sure, you could wait for the 24-hour marathon on TV two days later, but why pass up the chance to see the goods on the big screen for cheap?

Here's the trailer: