Local laughs, hot talk and Ferris Bueller is the hero you need now


We have all manner of cool things to do listed in our events portion of our site, and our helpful professional have Staff Picks to help you choose how to spend your time, too. 

If you don't have time to peruse, here are some highlights for Tuesday, Jan. 13: 

COMEDY | We love nontraditional comedy delivered in nontraditional venues, and that's just what's in store Tuesday at Jones Radiator, where local duo Andy Woods and Matt Dargen host the latest edition of their talk show, "The Brain Check Show." 

WORDS | An interesting discussion is guaranteed at EWU's Monroe Hall Tuesday, when a discussion called The Clark Doll Experiment examines how race, ethnicity and gender influence the perceptions of pursuing college in the state. It's free and starts at noon. 

FILM | It's Totally Tubular Tuesday again at the Garland, and this week the '80s flick du jour is Ferris Bueller's Day Off, the flick that made skipping school and Mathew Broderick cool. Here's a look: