MLK Day, poetry slams and Beatlemania runs wild


You survived the weekend, but you still have some life in you? Good thing we have a slew of event listings and Staff Picks available to help you plot your next move. 

If you don't have time to look, here are some highlights for Monday, Jan. 19: 

COMMUNITY | It's Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, so if you already missed the parade at 10 am this morning, you still have time to catch recitals of the famous "I Have a Dream" speech later in the day. 

WORDS | It's time for Spokane Poetry Slam at the Bartlett, this month featuring Paulie Lipman, a slam vet from Denver who's advanced to the National Poetry Slam eight times. 

LIVE BANDS | Beatlemania might be long gone, but Beatles fanatics keep tribute bands like Rain — A Tribute to the Beatles working hard all year long. They cover all eras of the band, but still probably don't do enough George tunes. Here's a clip of them on Good Morning America, in which you hear their sound, and see George Stephanopoulos's soul die a little inside: