Permit issued for something called "Anthropologie" in the Mobius spot


In August of 2013, when the high end women's clothing retailer Anthropologie announced on Twitter, they were coming to Ann Arbor, Michigan, Twitter user Alyse Neal responded with a request:  "@Anthropologie next stop... Spokane, WA! #pleeeeease???"

A year and a half later, it looks like Neal's about to get her wish. 

A lot of speculation has floated around about the Cowles company plans for several of their downtown properties, with Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie leading the speculation. Yesterday, a permit was issued for tenant improvements (TI) to the Mobius Science Center space in order to do demolition work for a job called "TI for Anthropologie,"

That's about as close as we're going to get until Official Press Releases are issued. 

Anthropologie is a yard stick by which other boutiques are measured by.  In 2010, we praised Lolo Boutique in our Best Of issue by saying "Lolo has all the taste and artsy flair of ultra-trendy Anthropologie, minus the elitist attitude and exorbitant price tags."