A New Orleans revival at The Bartlett, and learn to love your old house at the MAC


You've made it to the middle of the week and survived a St. Patrick's Day. That's big. And reason to celebrate, so cruise through our event listings and Staff Picks and treat yourself to a night out. 

Here are some highlights to choose from, all happening on Wednesday, March 18: 

ETC | The MAC is reintroducing its popular DIY information series with Don't Be Afraid of Your Old House, where you can learn how to work on your place from expert Brian Westmoreland of Authentic Restoration Services, Inc.

LIVE BANDS | Get into some live tunes at the Red Room Lounge with The Tone Collaborative and Marco Polo Collective

LIVE BANDS | The Bartlett is hosting The Revivalists and Adia Victoria for a mid-week show of New Orleans rock and soul. Here's a bit of what's in store from The Revivalists, touring in support of their City of Sound album: