MB: A triangle, a maze, and a reappearing cabin



The traffic triangle where Division and Spokane Falls Boulevard meet is going to get an Extreme Traffic Triangle Makeover. (Spokesman-Review)

The Washington state House has passed a bill to ban therapies to attempt to change a person's sexual orientation. (Spokesman-Review)

Sure, you can make a house disappear. But hiding it is another challenge entirely. (KREM)

The Hauser Corn Maze, where a teenager died, has been shut down, and the owners will have to pay $6,000. (Coeur d'Alene Press)

Rand Paul keeps clashing with reporters. (YouTube)

General Electric is going to sell off most of its financing industry arms. (New York Times) 

Hillary Clinton is going to run for president, turns out. (Washington Post)

No, the NRA hasn't banned guns at its convention. (NPR)

The new Daredevil series is on Netflix. Finally, a show about the real heroes, superheroes. (Slate)