Local laughs, serious chops and a movie that really ties the night together


We have a bevy of opportunities sure to please every taste in your household in our event listings and Staff Picks, so go ahead and do a little perusing. 

Here are a few highlights I found for Wednesday, April 15: 

FILM | I have quite literally lost count of how many times I've seen The Big Lebowski, and that's not just because The Dude and I share a passion for certain intoxicants. I'm guessing you love it, too, considering how popular The Inlander's first screening of it was last spring at The Bing. Tonight, it's back for Suds and Cinema: The Big Lebowski, complete with cheap beer, free ice cream and an after-party. Hit that link for the details.

| Local comedian Andy Woods goes the extra mile for his laughs as the creator of "Jay Shingle's Comedy School: A Seminar on Comedy," tonight at Baby Bar. 

LIVE BANDS | Even if you don't love acoustic music, you'll find a lot to like if you check out multi-instrumental master Tony Furtado at The Bartlett, with Bob Riggs opening. Here's a sample of Furtado's style: