MB: Guns a hot topic in Spokane, Seattle; Jeb Bush blames Hillary Clinton for Iraq chaos



Spokane Police Chief Frank Straub is concerned about the preponderance of gun crimes lately. (KXLY)

A Spokane Valley autistic teen who went missing overnight has been found. (KHQ)

The drought is cause for concern throughout the state, and Priest Lake's outdoor recreation industry is feeling the heat. (Spokesman-Review)


GOP presidential hopeful Jeb Bush is prepping a speech blaming Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton for the chaos in the Middle East and, more specifically, Iraq. That would be the Jeb Bush whose brother was president when the U.S. started the war in Iraq after 9/11, after false proclamations of the country possessing weapons of mass destruction. (New York Times)

Rogue drones are becoming a plague across the United States. (Washington Post)

Seattle is planning to tax gun and ammunition sales, with the money going to fund gun-violence research. (Seattle Times) 

The wreckage of a plane that went down inside the Ukraine included some "Russion missile parts," according to investigators from the Netherlands. (BBC)