Super Bowl, Marshawn Lynch retires, Bernie on SNL and other news you need to know


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TELEVISION: Chelsea Does dives into big themes with wit and cynicism
OLYMPIAA Rep. Matt Shea bill would insert fake Founding Father quotes into state law

• Denver Broncos beat Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50
Marshawn Lynch says "peace out" to football
  • Marshawn Lynch says "peace out" to football

The most important play underscored how the NFL still can't answer "Was that a catch?" (NYT) And in bigger news for Seahawks fans, Marshawn Lynch announced his retirement from football with an image of hanging cleats on Twitter.

• Local wildlife refuge closes "out of abundance of caution"
Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge's closure came in response to the occupation in Oregon. (KHQ)

• The Spokane City Council expected to pick replacement for Jon Snyder today
Applicants have been winnowed down to seven, including Phillip Tyler, who's in the middle of a discrimination suit against Spokane County. (SR)  

• Candidates get nasty in advance of tomorrow's primary in New Hampshire
Republicans are going after Marco Rubio, who's emerged as a leading establishment candidate. And Bill Clinton went after Bernie Sanders, who, for his part, appeared on Saturday Night Live. Enjoy!