Weekend protests, nude paintings on Facebook and other headlines



ICYMI: Here's our roundup of local leaders' reactions to the Dallas shooting last week. Spokane held a vigil Saturday for the fallen officers and those who've died at the hands of police. 

Facebook told a local artist to take down her paintings depicting nude bodies.

A new ceviche spot moved in next to a brewery incubator in the Luminaria Building, and we couldn't be happier.


Clashes between police and protesters continued across the country over the weekend. Hundreds were arrested during demonstrations following the shooting deaths of two black men by police in Louisiana and Minnesota, including a leader of the Black Lives Matter movement.

One photo from protests in Baton Rouge, La. stands out:
This image of a demonstration in Baton Rouge has been shared widely on social media. - JONATHAN BACHMAN
  • Jonathan Bachman
  • This image of a demonstration in Baton Rouge has been shared widely on social media.

• As for the man who killed five Dallas police officers and injured seven more? Officials are saying Micah Johnson, an African American Army Reserve vet, was planning a bigger attack. Johnson was killed by a robotic explosive device after negotiations with law enforcement failed. Police believe Johnson was the lone gunman, though at least three more suspects were arrested. 

• The attack on Dallas officers has some asking if criminal justice reform and the Black Lives Matter movement will survive

• The only challenger to Theresa May's bid to be Britain's next prime minister dropped out. 

Heavy gunfire between factions in South Sudan's capital mark the nation's 50th anniversary of independence.

Portugal defeated France to win the European Championships 1-0 in extra time.